Greetings loves,

Today I experienced a profound moment. I talk about it often. That time where you are given the choice to take the road already traveled or set a new course. I almost went down that well traveled route. Then I sat. I closed my eyes, took several deep breaths and said Goddess what is this really about? And the answer was so clear: are you this person or not? If not, state who you are and do not waiver.

I am not the most confident person. I am highly cerebral so I tend to overthink everything. I am constantly going back and forth between what was said, what was done and what could have happened differently. Today was one of those days. Yet different, because I felt compelled to stop. Compelled to quiet down. Compelled to breathe. When I did the anxiety melted away. The answer became clear. There was no more back and forth and my response was a clear resounding no.

One thing that I have found is that everyone will not be able to accept your divine no. They will not understand the boundaries that hold especially if you have not always held them firmly in place. They see this an an attack. As your defiance. As you turning against them. Generally this is a trigger for bigger issues.

As a divine being. As a Priestess, it is not my job to tell you yes when the world has told you no. It is my duty to be my most authentic self,  love fiercely, and to reflect to you all that you are, have been and may be. I will not hold the burden of your developing self love for that is something that only you can do. I will support you. I will assist you. I will not stand in the flames for you nor will I distinguish my own flames for your desires.

I rise up as my true self and say no with love and compassion. For by saying no to who we are not we are shouting yes to who we truly are.




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