New Moon in Sagittarius:Releasing the Reigns

Greetings loves,

Today is a new moon in Sagittarius. As a time for festivities and relinquishing control over our more basal instincts we are all preparing for the holiday season. The sign of Sagittarius is all about freedom, fun, and new experiences. They are ruled by Jupiter, the planet associated with luck but also awareness of how vast our world truly is. This is a time for learning and expansion. Harnessing the power of our instincts to guide us combined with our ability to rationalize. The key is balance. Finding ways to let our animal side and human side express themselves so that we feel fulfilled.

The reading for this new moon focuses on being aware of the energy around us and how this influences our behavior and outlook. There is a lot going on at this time that is affecting everyone. On a micro-level how are you fairing in your everyday life? If the frantic energy of the time is causing you to feel a bit off kilter balance out. The recommendation being given is that meditation is the tool that should be utilized to help us slow down and navigate ourselves in the most efficient manner. Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting for hours breathing deeply. It could through staying conscious and aware throughout any activity including walking, cleaning, reading a spiritual text or one that speaks to you. Things are not what they seem at this time and it is through following our instincts, centering, and focusing that we will be able to discern truth from fiction and know how and when to act.

Be clear though, do not fall prey to either side of over thinking or actions without purpose. The is a wildness to Sagittarius that is beautiful but can be destructive without guidance.  It’s place in the 9th lends the wisdom to this sign of study and philosophy. There is always much to be thought about but thoughts without action does little to serve us. Whether at the state or personal level we all of rules by which we live. They create order out of the chaos of creation. Yet when the reigns are held too tightly and we cannot see beyond our rules we loose the ability to grow. Loosen the reigns a bit and reorder your world. It may now be a time to create a new set of personal rules and morals that you rely upon to guide your behavior. Assess whether what you believe is benefiting your well-being or serving the orders of others who may not be interested in your highest good. If you are in need of some insight to another way of being perhaps its time to travel a bit. See how others live and thrive. Let this influence your personal philosophy and share it with others as it may assist them as well but remember you are only the ruler of yourself. For this is not a sign of judgement but of growth.

Lastly, this is a time for authenticity and truth. If you are ever seeking an honest opinion turn to a Sagittarius. They thrive on taking in the world around them and reflecting exactly what exists back to us. As a sign of action and movement, actions are where we must turn attention to in order to see the truth of who we are and everyone else. It is very easy to a lot to say during this digital age while behaving in a completely different manner. Pay attention to what people say and hold them accountable to their actions.

To growth and expansion,


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