Full Moon in Sagittarius: Wisdom in Ecstasy

Hello lovies!             How’s Gemini season treating you love bugs? You feeling fun and flirty like a lovestruck teenager or are you on the more angsty side? Either way, love is in the air and it’s ready to share its wisdom with everyone open to hear the message. Be aware of your words and how … Continue reading Full Moon in Sagittarius: Wisdom in Ecstasy

2017 The Year of I AM

Greetings beloveds, What an eventful year we've had. For many it's been painful, toxic, unrelenting, and not over soon enough. We are always learning, growing, moving forward even when it may appear that we are standing still. 2016 has been a momentous year for several reasons but here we will discuss the numerological significance of … Continue reading 2017 The Year of I AM

Feeling the Heat

Greetings loves, To say this has been a time of transition and transformation would be an understatement. From what it sounds like everyone has been experiencing a lot of change as well. Whether its been career wise, romantic, platonic, family, vehicle, home, or spiritually life is about change. It's about growth. That isn't always easy … Continue reading Feeling the Heat