Full Moon in Cancer

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Greetings beloveds,

Happy Full Moon in Cancer! While we’ve spent the last few weeks focused on celebrating and planning for 2o17, family and home are taking a front stage in the sign of Cancer. The first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer as a cardinal sign, is the most flexible of its element. Although it may take time to see what’s under their shell, Cancer’s are the explorers of the water signs open to finding new ways to relate, express, and understand emotions. They are connected to the moon, having their emotions change with the tides which is why they are often known for being sensitive and a bit emotionally unstable. Yet, they are just actually accessing the full spectrum of emotions as opposed to many of the rest of us who just skim the surface. If Cancer’s can be known for one thing it is they are not afraid to feel even if the emotion only lasts for a moment.

This full moon will be about finding contentment and addressing your fears. During this full moon take a look at your goals and plans you made during the new moon. Were you completely open and authentic with the desires that you wrote? Are you content with the state of your life knowing that you are loved and able to move beyond your standard loop. 2016 was a year focused on release and now we must examine whether what we let go has created a space where we can explore new emotions and ways of expressing them. This requires a new life paradigm where we focus on what we would like more of from a place of being fulfilled as oppose to lack. So find what you are enjoying in your everyday and life experiences and then ask for more of that.

This is also a time to have an emotional checkup. Check in with how you’re feeling. Stressed, excited, content, sad, anxious? There are so many emotions we experience yet we find ourselves in the same emotional patterns over and over. If you find that every job you work at you encounter a lot of gossip and jealously there may be an emotional frequency you’re putting out that you are unaware of. Now I’ll say it again, you must be aware of what you are putting out there in order to determine whether issues originate from you or from the other person. Sometimes it’s really not you.

The emotion that is going to require the most of our attention this full moon is fear. It’s simple to say “face your fears” or “just plow through what you’re afraid of”. Its another story to actually address not only the current manifestation of our fears but more importantly the root of our fears. For this I say seek support. Find a text, therapist, or program that resonates with you and do the work. Surface level help may be great to get you started but what’s really needed is a deep and thorough examination of what your life experiences have culminated resulting in your current life. Facing my fears of rejection, abandonment, success, and social pressures has been some of the hardest and most rewarding work that I have engaged in. Although I have not removed these fears from my psyche I am actually aware of what they are, how they affect my life, and have discovered ways to change my behaviors in reaction to them.

ss_onions.jpg (300×300)There’s a lot of folks who did some great self work last year. 2016 was all about releasing and most of us let a lot of shit go. But we as beings of this wonderful universe are like onions. You peel off one layer, cry it out, and then peel off another. So there’s always a bit more to explore and discover. Have fun with it though and celebrate the triumphs that you experience. Although you may descend to the underworld you must ascend at some point. When you do ascend celebrate!! Be joyful in the work that you have done. Finding contentment may involve just accepting where you are on the wheel of life whether that’s in the upright or reversed position. You can always change your future.

So profess your love for yourself and your situation (even if it is horrible) then do what you can to bring yourself to where you want to be.

I love you.




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