Winter Solstice 2017: Polarity Reading

Winter Solstice Masculine Feminine Reading (3)

Greetings beloveds,

We have explored the general and love energy of this season, we now turn to the masculine and feminine to bring complete balance. The world right now is stark and barren. The sky is grey and we long or warmth and comfort. Yet, there is a beauty to the stillness and promise of what is to come. We know that beyond the appearance of death there is life waiting to come forth. As if reflected by the season, our world right now seems ugly, cruel, and bare. Yet, we find joy and beauty still. That is the lesson for this winter. Even in the darkest of times there is joy and light. There exist together just as the masculine and feminine exist; united. The masculine is here to share the beauty of the world while the feminine calls us to recognize that it is our inherent worth that makes this world divine.

January: There is a book series that I love by Garth Nix called The Abhorsen Series. Through these stories we learn of the creation and destruction of the world repeatedly. Each time shifting and growing. Each character must grapple with their shadow towards inadequacy, worth, and purpose. One of the characters Lirael, experiences severe displacement as an orphan among the Clayr of the North who see across time. Lirael does not have the sight and finds herself spending her time among their ancient library. Learning became her gift. Within that gift Lirael is led to her purpose. Lirael had a gift that was unique unto herself. One that would save them all but cost her more than she would have imagined. I implore you to read this series to acquaint yourself with a beautiful tale of shadow and light, life and death. How they are so closely tied together.

You may feel displaced. That you are constantly seeking to be more, do more, live more. We strive to “get it right and achieve our purpose in life.” We realize this January, that there is no right way. Perfection is subjective. It is a choice. One that can feel very difficult to make. Holding abuse, toxicity, and other harmful situations such as institutional prejudice, find the perfection around you. In the beauty of the sunrise. In your morning or evening ritual. In the arguments, misunderstandings, and perceived failures. The path is before you and the choice is yours which way you would like to go. Embrace your experience and use that to fuel your drive. Unite your will and honor both the pain and love. Within there lies the perfection of your entire being.

February: It may be very difficult to accept our divinity and flawed perfection. Often that is where our spirituality comes in as we connect to forces perceived as greater than ourselves who can provide us a lens through which we can see ourselves through the eyes of the divine. Beautiful, perfect, loved. Seek guidance from those who have traveled this road before. They can lend insight and support to you during your journey to self. There is a balance that exists between having a guide, honoring your own wisdom, and being your own guide. Strike that balance this month. Outside insight is a support system but they cannot do the work for you. Nor can they see the world as you do. You are unique and deserve to have that space to shine. Shine brightly love.

March: You have your guides, you know your purpose, you honor your inner source of wisdom, now we heal. We heal the larger forms of ourselves in community with one another. Often these larger structures of institutions, groups, and ideas shape our world. They create expectations and stereotypes which we are compared to externally and internally. We look to our leaders to guide us and then are disappointed, hurt, and enraged when they do not live up to our expectations. The lesson of February carries over to our social spheres as we heal our relationship to community and leadership. Go within and determine if the larger sphere reflects your internal desires. A wise organization, society, and leader engages in self-reflection just as we reflect on our lives. If that does not occur growth is obstructed. Balance is the key. Taking in information from trusted vetted guides and your own personal guidance system creates a well-rounded approach to decision making and creation.

If you find that you are angry at what is occurring during this time that emotion is a sign of the burning away of what was. Let the fires rage within you and funnel that energy towards constructive action. Call out your actions that have participated in the harm and the actions of the those who you placed your trust in to guide the whole. From fire comes life. From death rebirth. From the ashes the Phoenix.



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