Tools for Healing

So there’s been so much going on lately. Just so much.

SO what do we do about it? What do we do when our heart breaks or we feel like it’s just too much? I hope you have some tools but if you don’t here are a few.

*Go outside and sit in the sun. Vitamin D will help you to sleep better, your body will run better and this boost will at least improve your lived state

*Write or journal


*Talk to a professional. So having close friends, family, or social networks to discuss your feelings and experiences are great. In fact you should have those who you can turn to. Yet, they should not be your only outlet of expression. These groups and folks may not have the skills themselves to be able to process what all is being shared. Find someone who has been trained to process, assess, and improve emotional, mental, and psychological states. If you can’t afford therapy contact your local health department, MHMR, or religious center and they should have a list of resources for you.


*Work. Now I know there are some folks who are like “whhhaaattttt” but check it for some people work is the best distraction in the world for them. It lets them check out and go into an environment that they understand, is stable, is nurturing. Now a lot of places are the exact opposite so if this won’t work for you…don’t do it lol.

*Play with pets, care for your home or garden. Putting time into the things you love will center and heal you.

This is just a quick list of things that one can do that will bring you peace. Now take that peace and contact your local authorities to let them know what you expect of those who are supposed to be working for you.

Be. Live. Do.







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