Coming Up for Air


I had a move towards my purpose. For what I was meant to do. I shared an opinion today where as I usually do not and keep these things to myself. The person responded in a total backlash eventually blocking me. I hold some trauma from interacting with others and being railroaded then rejected. Yet this time, I observed while still feeling the moment. I was able to see that this person obviously had more invested in their stance then I did in the interaction. So I wasn’t mad when I saw what happened. My heart opened.

It made me want to reach out more because what I spoke on was something that I feel strongly about. The reaction and opinion of others though does not affect me unless I know it is coming from a heart centered space. I know now that I am capable of disagreeing but more so knowing where to put my energy.

So I would like to build materials on emotional intelligence. On finding one’s own way to manage their energy so that it is being put into what drives you and gives you peace. I didn’t know that folks could take your energy in so many ways but only if you let them. You can control this but it takes time, practice, and care. But this is what we are being called to do is to care for ourselves.It is how we learn to care for others and yet we have been taught that it’s the opposite way around. That’s ok. We all have unlearning and learning to do. It’s ok . It’s a lot of work. It’s ok. It can be overwhelming. It’s ok.

It’s ok. That’s what we have to focus on that it will be ok. We can learn. We can do better. We can support those who need it when they need it. We can be in ourselves and still be able to be there for others. It’s this idea that we are separate that is wrong. That what happens to one person affects us all.

The person who has been abused may abuse others. The person who has been hurt  may hurt others. The person who has untreated illness needs support and encouragement. The person who is well adjusted wants the same support and encouragement. We need to be there for ourselves and each other. We miss the boat when we put ourselves against the “enemy” or the the “bad person”. People do bad things. They are hurting. I have seen so much pain. Pain that I hold, that others hold, that are placed on others. But shutting down and shutting off is not the point. It’s to feel and be there for each other. Be there. Be there for yourself and be there for others.

You may not be able to control others reactions and feelings but you sure as hell can control your own and your level of interaction with others. If they are harming you get away. If what you are doing are harming others maybe it’s time to take a look at your behaviors or extract yourself from that situation.

We are here to move forward.

Let’s go.


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