Financial Literacy: Embracing the Spirit of Abundance

Greetings beloveds, I hope you all are having a wonderful week. We are heading into spring and folks are wanting to start cleaning up and clearing out their living spaces. Well here at the Bliss Institute are flipping the script on spring cleaning by embracing the energy  of all that we have available to us,Continue reading “Financial Literacy: Embracing the Spirit of Abundance”

The Inner Work

Greetings beloveds, In focusing on myself this year and at this time before the office journey to the underworld during the winter season, I am working through Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life in order to begin to address my issues with trust and faith. So that I can chronicle and archive this point inContinue reading “The Inner Work”

Tired and Over It

Greetings beloveds, I don’t know about the rest of you but I have had a kinda rough start to the year. Culminating in this very stressful month of April. I think I will remember this month for the rest of my life. This was when everything changed. For the better I know though! I hadContinue reading “Tired and Over It”