Goddesses of Life and Death: Coatlicue- Aztec Earth Goddess

Greetings Beloveds,

Today we are covering the Goddess of Life and Death Coatlicue the Aztec Earth Goddess. You may or may not have heard of Coatlicue but there is always more to be explored. Below you’ll find a quick online resource guide which explores the story of Coatlicue from various perspectives.



Ancient History Encyclopedia- Coatlicue

Khan Academy- Coatlicue

Encyclopedia Britannica- Coatlicue

Time Top 10 Earth Goddesses

Inside Mexico- The Legend of Coatlicue and Coyolxauhqui

The Great Courses Plus- The Colossal Stone Statue of Coatlicue

The Gods Laid Bare


God Checker- Your Guide to the Gods

Infinite Detox- What the Heck is a ‘Coatlicue Complex’

Excerpt from Blood Lines: Myth, Indigenism, and Chicana/o Literature by Sheila Marie Contreras


Autumn Arrives: Shifting the Energy of Your Home from Summer to Fall


Greetings beloveds,

It’s finally here! My favorite season and not just because my birthday is in October. Here’s an excerpt on the energy of Autumn

Autumn – What a beautiful time of the year when the world has been scorched clean and is preparing to rest for regeneration. The world is again at a balanced state with the day and night again being of amounts. Yet this energy is distinct from the spring time as it marks the rise in darkness and decline of the light. Everything is beginning to slow down from the activity that was present during the summer. As such you may be feeling the need to slow down a bit as well taking in the last bits of sun before the weather truly begins to cool. Leaning towards spending more time indoors as the energy shifts from coming from the sun to being generated by the Earth that grew from the suns rays lovingly holding that heat for us until we release it through transmutation. This applies also to the foods that we consume at this time. These foods are rich and heavy because of the density of their energy that is packed tightly in order to give this energy to you through integration from being eaten.

The element of Autumn is metal within the Chinese system and although there is no air included in this framework metal holds many of the same characteristics. Metal is associated with the nose and the sense of smell. The air holds life just as much as water, wood, fire, and  earth. Air flows bringing subtle or drastic winds of change to us all. Sweeping away our completed works and driving us to come within from the coming chill. As such the focus is on the lungs and large intestines during this time. Breath rules these areas as the air gives life to fuel the rest of our body as well as move the waste from our lives through the large intestine. If you find yourself feeling sluggish it is never to late to release. Breathe deeply through one of the many forms of meditation that exists such as walking, mindful activities, breath work, or dream work.

Autumn Equinox- Entering the Underworld



I will cover more about entering the underworld later but you can read the rest of that blog post here. One of my favorite parts about fall is it’s signature scents, decor, food, and fellowship. The aroma of apples, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, and of course pumpkin begins to fill the air. Accent colors and decorations shift from beige, blues, and greens, to yellows, oranges, red, and brown. Leaves and gourds replace shells and nautical themes. Autumn is here.

Using these few tips one can quickly shift the energy of your home, office, or even car to feel more like fall. Another easy way to accomplish this is to open your windows releasing the summer air and welcoming in the fall breezes. I always change out my altar decorations and this always puts me into the energy of the next season. What’s your favorite way to shift the energy of your home from summer to autumn? Share with us below in the comments.


Full Moon in Aries: Can You Stand on Your Head?

It’s our full moon in Aries! Whoo we are feeling the movement and letting it guide us towards our biggest desires. When we begin to expand this can cause us to meet resistance in the form of hostility from others around us. Sometimes when we grow and change it makes others uncomfortable because they are not used to us behaving in this way. We might also begin to self-sabotage. Finding ways to keep ourselves from reaching our full potentials because it’s safer to stay small. If you find yourself feeling jealous of others, frustrated with yourself, or having lots of people be hard on you or difficult this is the time to harness the energy of Aries. Face your fears and stand up for yourself. It’s time to be true to who you are. If you are behaving in a way that harms others take that step back and access what you can do to improve how you treat yourself/others.

This fire will be burning through you bringing you experiences of heightened love, creativity, and self-expression. Find the things that bring you joy and make you smile. Staying true to yourself is the key to manifestation as represented by the tale of Coatlicue the Aztec Goddess of Life and Death. Coatlicue birthed the sun, moon, stars and hundreds of other children. After becoming pregnant from a ball of feathers with the God of war, sacrifice, and the sun Huitzilopochtli, her daughter Coyolxauhqui decapated Coatlicue to save them from Huitzilopchtli. Yet, upon her death Huitzilopchtli emerged prepared to serve his purpose. This story illustrates how we have multiple opportunities to follow our calling. That even when it might seem that the world is working against you, it might be just what you need to be free.

You too can harness this energy of transforming the negative into the positive energy as well. There are several ways to accomplish this. One thing you can try is focusing on finding neutral ground in the situation (all things are energy). This will make it so you leverage every action into a form of support for your desires. A second tactic is to appreciate everything that happens to you good and bad. This feeds your shadow giving it the acknowledgment that it seeks so that you are less likely to self-sabotage or become subject to others influence.

Coatlicue lived her life according as she pleased knowing that there must be balance. So as there will be times when you are receiving everything you have ever wanted there will be times when it seems that everything is going wrong. This is the time of greatest power. Keep your head (lol) and use this to your advantage.

Happy full moon loves!

-Kamilah Rose

Fall Equinox Reading: Reaping Abundance

Copy of Autumn Equinox

Welcome to fall lovebugs!

It’s pouring rain as I write. The days are getting shorter and the temps are slowly dropping. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, and soups of every kind are advertised everywhere. Although, it was still summer, the stores have been full of fall décor. Energetically, we are slowing down. Taking more time to see, feel, and be in the world around us. We move from our external to an internal focus. It calls us to see ourselves as more than feeling beings but thinking logical persons who can take their emotions and will power to turn it into more. To be more than just selfish beings that live for creating an amazing world for themselves but a General Reading.

This fall look at the areas of your life where you are flourishing. Have you been writing, drawing, working on a business, decorating, saving up funds for a trip or purchase. Whatever you have been working towards over the past 2 seasons is starting to blossom into a bountiful harvest. At this time, clear out what you picked up over the summer that is taking your attention but not building towards your greater goals.



October sees us prospering! We are growing, expanding and dreaming of even more ways to bring more love, money, and community into our lives. But are you too comfortable? Are you afraid to break out of your routine to see what else might be available for you? This is a time to explore your perspective towards limits. When we avoid or resist expansion we are expressing that we do not trust ourselves or the universe to provide. Examine where you can grow and begin to put out some feelers. You never know what can come from taking a step on faith.


November shows us the power of community and networking. We are not solitary beings even if we do not have many human connections, the plant and animal kingdom are just as important to our well-being. Take time to build and support your community. As we enter into the season of thanksgiving, give thanks for things big and small that bring you joy. The more that you express how much you enjoy your life and world the more that you will receive more positive experiences. At best, it will make the negative experiences less impactful.


We focused on our community in November and now as we are in the depths of the underworld we are called to look at our personal stories. This month write down you current life story. What happens to you during the day? What thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations did you experience today? Now, around the 20th as we get closer to the winter solstice, spend a day or so dreaming of what you would like your life to look like. Write out what a day, week, month, or even a year would look like for you if you were living completely from a space of expansion and love. Find items that represent this energy and place them on your persona altar to be energetically charged over the winter.

This is a season of getting our thoughts clear. I love you.

Kamilah Rose

Undressing the Shadow: Fall Equinox 2018

Greetings beloveds,

It’s almost fall the season of transition and change. Whether you are entering the underworld in the Northern hemisphere or leaving the underworld in the Southern hemisphere this is a time for exploring what we have learned over the past two seasons. Our biggest lessons may have come from the past season as we processed our feelings towards ourselves, others, our career, family, purpose and society during the summer. Summer as the season of diving deep within the waters of our psyche closes with the perfect full moon in Pisces to help us turn our lessons into dreams for the future. We are now granted the chance to access our findings and face what is holding us back from expansion.

For those of you with planets in Sagittarius you get a helping hand as Jupiter returns home. I’m curious to see if those who are more in tune with masculine energy have an easier time this fall and winter as the masculine returns from the underworld and the feminine takes her time facing her shadow. That’s a discussion for another day. When we are looking at the effects of astrology on shifting with the seasons we find that there is no cookie cutter way to approach any season or time of our life. There are general practices which we can make a part of our rituals such as cleansing our home, personal spaces, and physical forms but creating or tuning into our specific needs allows for us to elevate our practices. Thus, understanding your personal relationships to your astrology, numerology, spiritual practices and sacred space gives us an edge in navigating our various experiences.

As we move into Fall or Spring, depending on where you are located, spend some time tuning into yourself. Sit and explore your feelings, thoughts, and past intentions. Our shadow is only a mystery to us because we continue to turn away from it preferring to focus on our light. Fall is the season of reflection where we weigh our actions, thoughts, and heart to see what needs to be put to rest either to be decomposed or retrieved after winter passes into the energy of springs rebirth.

We have experienced a lot this year. Do not fear letting go of what you think makes you who you are. You are more than your name, your titles, your dreams, your fears. You are starlight flashing through this life for moment by moment.

I love you.

-Kamilah Rose


The Witch Boy: A Graphic Novel Review

Greetings beloveds!

Ohhh I am excited to share this find with you all today. Recently, I visited St. Louis to see my best friend. So of course I requested that we visit some local bookstores. We only made it to one but Left Bank Books was a great choice. Reminiscent of traditional bookstores you are bound to find something that piques your interest there. I love books. The look, the smell, the knowing that I am going to be transported to another world or learn something new is a feeling that I am always chasing.

I wondered through the shop knowing that I was in for a treat. As I moved through the children’s section a staff recommendation caught my eye. It was The Witch Boy by Molly Ostertag. Now of course a book about witchcraft always makes it past the first glance. Then I read over the synopsis I was intrigued. The Witch Boy tells the tale of Aster a 13 year old boy who lives in a magical community where boys are shapeshifter’s and girls learn magic to become witches. Aster has an affinity for witchcraft though and spends his time not so secretly learning spells. As a threat begins to grow against his community, Aster’s conflict between what he knows to be true for him and what is expected of him grows. Accompanied by his non-magical friend Charlie, a girl who is figuring out her own place in her community, Aster realizes that his truth may be the key to overcoming the danger that his family faces.

This graphic novel was AMAZING! It was a quick read as an adult but I could see younger folks pouring over the images and the story for hours. The illustrations are vibrant, fun, and diverse. You’ll find that you are able to identify with various characters not only through their behaviors and personalities but also physically. As we realize the importance of representation I love how normalized difference is in this work. Different types of people, families, gender, and spirituality are not highlighted- they just are.

I would definitely recommend this graphic novel to anyone who is looking for a witchy fun read for themselves or their children.

Let me know what you think of the work when you check it out!

-Kamilah Rose

New Moon in Virgo


New Moon In Virgo


Greetings beloveds!

Well since this is going to be a rough new moon my recommendations are to spend time working on your projects, relaxing forms of entertainment and with good friends. It will help balance out a lot of the anxiety you might feel. So here is our Virgo New Moon Ritual.

Virgo Harvest Manifestation Ritual

Part I – Make 4 Lists

  1. 6 things that bring you joy
  2. 7 things you accomplished this year
  3. 8 things you are working on
  4. 9 things you love about yourself

Part II.

Take part in the 11/22 Reverse Harvest. Starting on 9/11 for the next 11 days post 1 thing that you love about your life. Then later that day journal for 11 minutes on your dream life. Put as much detail as you can into the journal entry.

This challenge will end on September 22, on the Fall Equinox. Complete your equinox ritual as you please and “plant” a copy of your last journal entry to be fed by the warmth of the Earth’s soil. The work that the divine masculine has done over the spring and summer is ready to be planted in the deep rich soil of the divine feminine’s powerful shadow work during the fall and winter. We let the plant the things that we dream in a reverse harvest at the fall equinox so that while we are releasing the parts of our work we no longer need we can gather our dreams as they bloom in the spring. Winter is a season of death and release. During this time, we give our dreams the freedom to expand while we do our own work of letting go those parts of us that are holding us back from these dreams. Watch your dreams come true as we enter the astrological new year in Spring 2019.

Virgo New Moon Reading

We are in late summer where the world appears to be covered by a sepia filter. We are winding down into the energy of fall. Before the feminine enters the underworld, the masculine must finish its’ time of shadow work. The work of integrating our retrograde experiences into our personal narrative. Luckily, we are assisted by the fertile energy of Virgo who is the expert at creation through cultivation. Unfortunately, that can lead to an overly critical nature of ourselves and each other. If you find yourself feeling envious of what could have been, who you used to be, or others around you take a time out. We will need to flex our patience skills this new moon. Do not push, do not be cruel to those you are envious of. Acknowledge what was or could have been but do not stay there. Without the ability to let the past stay in the past you repeat the same lessons in the same way with little progress. Although we all find ourselves in patterns, we have to cultivate the ability to be present/mindful so we can recognize the patterns the second they come up. From there we can then make different choices which lead us to a new path where we can explore the other possibilities that we discovered during the eclipses.

That’s right, this is a new moon of closure. The last new moon of the summer brings all the work that we have been doing to a head. It’s time to harvest our integrated shadow/light bodies, souls, and minds. Put your purpose to the test. Are you about this life or still just playing games? Envy steals our ability to focus on ourselves limiting our means to create. Stay present. Stay focused. And if all else fails use any negative feelings, rejections, or doubts to fuel your fire and prove all the naysayers wrong. Use that Virgo energy to flip the script and create gold from lead. It’s your time. Take your shot.

Kamilah Rose

September Astrological Placements

Hello September

It’s September! Let’s get it.

Sept 3 Jupiter semi-square Saturn

Use what you got to get what you want today. Be aware of your limitations so that you do not over commit yourself beyond what you actually have to give. If you do, you’ll find yourself suffering from imposter syndrome. Feeling that you are an underachiever or unworthy of your desires. To reach your full potential stay focused and have a plan but be gentle with yourself.

Sept 5 Pluto Quintile Chiron and Mercury enters Virgo

Pluto Quintile Chiron presents an excellent time to relinquish our obsession with healing. Today, just be. Let the patterns and pain from our previous experiences shift to the background of our thoughts. One’s talent may be in avoidance and today you should utilize that in order to not obsess over what has occurred. Otherwise you may find yourself on the hamster wheel of feeling unable to create new situations. If you are grounded, if you have explored your deepest depths, today the wheel will cease to turn for a moment and you will be able to see the patterns that have driven your existence since before you were born. Cross into the river of time and outside of the delusions of “now”. As you have been key in shaping your past you are now the code to unlock your future.

Mercury in Virgo moves our conversational styles from fun and flirt to precise and analytical. Think of thoughts having a laser like focus. If you’ve had difficulty getting your thoughts together over the past few months, Virgo is here to help you get that all straightening out.

Sept 6 Saturn goes Direct

May the choir sing!! Saturn has finally gone direct. The roadblocks, the deep shadow work, all the preparation has been waiting for this moment. Saturn the planet of hard work, sacrifice, and destruction gives way to the light of movement uninterrupted by the uncertainty of direction. You know your path. Walk it.

Sept 9 Venus enters Scorpio and New Moon in Virgo

It’s time to spice things up with Venus in Scorpio. Ruler of the underworld, Venus in Scorpio can be passionate, obsessive, and totally devoted. This energy calls for us to explore how our partnerships can move from a healthy attachment to a deeply fulfilling healing space. When this does not happen we find ourselves feeling trapped and held back by what we believe is a relationship that cannot be escaped. In time, we find that our relationship to our selves is the true reflection of our well being.

Sept 10 Mars enters Aquarius

Sept 12 Jupiter sextile Pluto

Sept 20 Saturn quintile Neptune

Sept 21 Mercury enters Libra

If anyone has ever spoken to a Libra you will have a surface level understanding of what Mercury in Libra is like. Most people enjoy spending time with Libra’s because they are light, charming, kind, and fun. Concerned with being “fair”, Libra’s are one’s who point out when you were about to say something and got cut off. They will quickly shut down a conversation that is demeaning, abusive, or cruel. At the same time they love gossip, not to be mean (although sometimes they are) but because it’s a form of entertainment. It’s like watching a Soap Opera or reality tv only better because it’s real. That’s the scales of Libra in Mercury. Always trying to balance out the conversation and information yet susceptible to being overwhelmed by their desire to let everyone be heard. Above all else be aware of letting everyone else speak while neglecting to make sure you make your point.

Sept 22 Sun enters Libra – Fall Equinox (Balance)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Libra season is officially here. Time to balance that shit out. We’ve done a lot of work over the past season and now it’s time to sort through the lead to find the gold. Harvest season is upon us.

Sept 24 Full Moon in Aries

Check back in soon for the full moon in Aries report.

Sept 25 Chiron Retrograde enters Pisces

Chiron has been retrograde in Aries since July 5th. It’s now backpedaling from the Alpha to the Omega moving into Pisces. The wounded healer in the realm of Pisces uses the strength we gained through the I AM truth of Aries to face the power of our subconscious I BELIEVE potential.

Sept 30 Pluto Direct

Glory, glory, we are finally gaining some momentum. Today Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. That painful digging through the darkness of our shadows is finally slowing down. I hope that you all have been able to find the gold within the darkness. To know that you are at your core whole and worthy. Even the bitter, angry, jealous, cruel portions are there to support and heal you. To show you the areas in your life that must be addressed.