Full Moon in Sagittarius: Wisdom in Ecstasy

Hello lovies!             How’s Gemini season treating you love bugs? You feeling fun and flirty like a lovestruck teenager or are you on the more angsty side? Either way, love is in the air and it’s ready to share its wisdom with everyone open to hear the message. Be aware of your words and howContinue reading “Full Moon in Sagittarius: Wisdom in Ecstasy”

Divination Toolkit: Astrology – Modes of Energy

Hello lovies, Here’s a quick review of the modes of energy in astrology. Cardinal signs carry the energy of beginnings with Aries carrying the spark of life which gets the Western zodiac wheel turning. Signs in this area are great at starting projects, being leaders, discerning issues and creating ways to address them. They areContinue reading “Divination Toolkit: Astrology – Modes of Energy”

New Moon in Sagittarius: The Power of the Pause

Greetings beloveds, Sagittarius season is here! This fire sign brings us into the energy of the Holiday season. A time for celebration and renewal. All the hard work that we’ve done over the year has come to a pause. You lift your head to take in those final rays of light as we head towardsContinue reading “New Moon in Sagittarius: The Power of the Pause”

Sacred Hearth: Sagittarius Elixir

Greetings beloveds, It’s time to stoke the fires of creation through destruction by honoring the Goddess Kali during the full moon in Sagittarius. Use this Elixir recipe to imbibe the energy of movement, power, compassion, love, destruction and rebirth. Sagittarius Elixir One package of frozen strawberries One package of frozen cherries On large package ofContinue reading “Sacred Hearth: Sagittarius Elixir”

Burn it Down Baby! 2018 Full Moon in Sagittarius

It’s the last full moon of spring and we are going out with a party! It’s Gemini season with a full moon in Sagittarius meaning it’s time to take adventures, have fun, explore, break out of your doldrums and start connecting with the world around you. Here’s the thing, it may not feel like aContinue reading “Burn it Down Baby! 2018 Full Moon in Sagittarius”

Spring Equinox 2018: Wisdom

Greetings beloveds, The new astrological and seasonal year begins with an air of wisdom and clarity. Universally we have been in the dark. Moving from light to shadow, day to night maintaining that there is a clear line between good and evil. Now as the son/sun rises from the underworld what was done in theContinue reading “Spring Equinox 2018: Wisdom”

New Moon in Sagittarius: Let the Arrow Fly

Greetings beloveds, 2017 has been quite a year. As we experience the last new moon of this Gregorian solar calendar year, we are brought back to the beginning. To our roots. To the root chakra. In two days it will be the winter solstice. We are at that point where the Dark Goddess is pregnantContinue reading “New Moon in Sagittarius: Let the Arrow Fly”