Freedom Comes at a Price: Releasing Our False Selves

Greetings loves, We are moving from the depths of our being to the freedom that comes from when we truly know who we are as we transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius astrologically. While Scorpio rules over the 8th house which is centered on our position to and experiences with love, sex, taxes, debt, and death. … Continue reading Freedom Comes at a Price: Releasing Our False Selves

That Test Tho’: Learning to Flow with the Seasons

Greetings loves, So I'm at the house today. Looking around feeling a bit disheveled. Today was the last day of yoga teacher training and now I'm feeling just a bit strange. It is so strange to be done. I want to go back! It was such a great experience. I was able to move away … Continue reading That Test Tho’: Learning to Flow with the Seasons

The Path

Compassion. Love Gently Kindness Peace Empathy Trust Faith These are the truths that I have aligned with which are bringing me to the path of fulfillment. I have found that focusing on these elements takes me closer and closer to finding divine joy. What are your truths? What do you align with? -Rose


Hello beloveds, How are you all doing? Did you get a good nights rest? Stay out til dawn laughing and having a fantastic time with new and old friends/loves? I hope that however you are right now you are in a space where you are able to express your feelings in all of their complexities. … Continue reading Confusion


Greetings loves, Today I experienced a profound moment. I talk about it often. That time where you are given the choice to take the road already traveled or set a new course. I almost went down that well traveled route. Then I sat. I closed my eyes, took several deep breaths and said Goddess what … Continue reading No