28 Days of Love: Week 4 The Connection between the Heart and Home

Greetings beloveds, This month has gone by so quickly! I have to admit though I have been looking forward to this week since I started this project. Week 4 is all about creating a loving heart centered living space. Why do I find this to be the most appealing topic of them all? Because ourContinue reading “28 Days of Love: Week 4 The Connection between the Heart and Home”

28 Days of Love: Lov’n the Physical

Greetings beloveds, It’s finally here! Week 3 of our 28 Days of Love has officially begun. If you couldn’t tell from the title, the focus of this week is our physical form. That’s right we are about to get bodied! Our connection to our bodies can be wrought with thoughts and feelings that can beContinue reading “28 Days of Love: Lov’n the Physical”

28 Days of Love: Connecting With Your Higher Self

Day 3 Connecting With Your Higher Self When looking for love we often search outside of ourselves. Buying things, eating rich comfort food, in the company of friends, family, and romantic partners, in various forms of entertainment. Yet, no matter how fulfilling these connections may be, they are nothing in comparison to the connection toContinue reading “28 Days of Love: Connecting With Your Higher Self”

28 Days of Love: Connecting With Your Heart Exercise

Day 2 Connecting with your heart exercise Are you feeling that heart energy? It’s a soft, gentle, tug that flows from the center of your chest to your crown. It swirls through your brow brushing out the clouds of lowness. Bringing a sense of euphoria and celebration. It moves gentle down through your root, legs,Continue reading “28 Days of Love: Connecting With Your Heart Exercise”

Enchantment: The Power of Winter

Greetings beloveds, I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season. There’s so much magic available to us at this time. This is the liminal space of the 8th gate. Past the complete release of the 7th gate where we are judged by our own heart, body, and soul. This judgement is an assessment. ItContinue reading “Enchantment: The Power of Winter”

Full Moon in Taurus: Well of Wisdom

Greetings beloveds, Tired? Me too. It’s been a long 10 months of 2018. The new moon in Venus, Venus retrograde, and the sun moving in to Scorpio have brought up all of our shadows are love. Love towards ourselves and love towards each other. The scales are being weighed. Have you found yourself to beContinue reading “Full Moon in Taurus: Well of Wisdom”

New Moon in Virgo

    Greetings beloveds! Well since this is going to be a rough new moon my recommendations are to spend time working on your projects, relaxing forms of entertainment and with good friends. It will help balance out a lot of the anxiety you might feel. So here is our Virgo New Moon Ritual. VirgoContinue reading “New Moon in Virgo”

New Moon in Cancer: Shadow Work and Friday the 13th

Greetings beloveds, I know that everyone has been doing their work, right? Digging in deep to see what your attachments, writing your intentions, evaluating your goals, and spending every evening in Epsom salt, essential oils, and rose petals…no? Lol well that’s understandable. The luxury market of self-care market may not be available to everyone andContinue reading “New Moon in Cancer: Shadow Work and Friday the 13th”

July Journal Prompt

  Greetings beloveds, Happy 4th of July!! Here is your journal prompt for this month: Sunburnt July by Susie Clevenger “The bay splashes me with mirrored water until my daydreams surrender to the waves”.   Last month we journaled the next step on our path. This month what are you summer dreams? When you findContinue reading “July Journal Prompt”

June Journal Prompt

Greetings beloveds, Here is your June Journal Prompt: “Energy can move, change forms, change frequencies; simply put energy constantly changes. The path of our lives here on earth is energy in motion, energy constantly changing. To come to this realization is the path. Where the journey takes us next is a mystery – a veryContinue reading “June Journal Prompt”