December: Death, Blessings, and Rebirth

Greetings beloveds, December has arrived and it’s blowing in with lots of change to create a new world for us. This month on the Bliss Institute we will be exploring the final Goddesses of Life and Death along with the shadow of their world: the Underworld. We will also delve deeply into root chakra workContinue reading “December: Death, Blessings, and Rebirth”

New Moon in Scorpio: As Above So Below-The Journey through the Underworld

Greetings beloveds, How are you enjoying your time in the underworld loves? Is it everything you thought it would be? We have been diving deeper into our shadow as we have gotten further into fall. What did you find from your investigation of your relationship to home, security, stability, and sensuality? Where do you feelContinue reading “New Moon in Scorpio: As Above So Below-The Journey through the Underworld”

12 Universal Laws: The Law of Rhythm

Greetings beloveds, Today we will be discussing the law of rhythms. Immediately I think of the change in seasons when thinking of the energy of rhythms. Every year the seasons change as the Earth revolves around the sun. During the spring we are born, creating new ideas, programs, lives, and energy. Then in the summerContinue reading “12 Universal Laws: The Law of Rhythm”

Life After Death: November’s Call to Reset

Greetings beloveds, I hope you all are well. The weather is shifting quickly in alignment with the rapid shifting of our spiritual states. We are pulling in. Moving to focus our energy on the internal. Our souls, our emotions, our thoughts and minds in a tangible way. This also draws our attention to our interactionsContinue reading “Life After Death: November’s Call to Reset”

All Hallows Eve: Past The Seventh Gate of the Underworld

  Autumn Equinox- Entering the Underworld My favorite myth associated with the underworld is that of Inanna. You can read the full post on entering the underworld during the Autumn Equinox here. For now we will look a the tipping point of the journey as we pass through the 7 gates and move into the underworld. ThroughContinue reading “All Hallows Eve: Past The Seventh Gate of the Underworld”

Enchanted Hearth: Harvest Season-Fall Foods

Greetings beloveds, My favorite season is here. Although this time of year has become bombarded by pumpkin spice everything, there’s more to fall than pumpkin. Here’s a list of the vegetables, fruits, and herbs that are in season during the fall. Vegetables: Acorn squash, arugula, beets, Belgian endive, broccoli, brussels sprouts, butter lettuce, buttercup squash,Continue reading “Enchanted Hearth: Harvest Season-Fall Foods”

New Moon in Libra: The Beauty in Expansion

Greetings beloveds, New moon in Libra, who dis? Ohhh the love of Libra to have balance and harmony in their worlds. Let’s of changes are coming and if you think that things are getting a little out there, just wait. I’m still on b-day celebration so this new moon reading will be short but toContinue reading “New Moon in Libra: The Beauty in Expansion”

Move Like Air: Part 1 The Movement of Breath

Greetings beloveds, It’s finally happened! Texas has finally experienced a cool front and that means that everyone wants to be outside. This is a great time to start or restart your movement practice. Since fall is ruled by the element of air, we are looking at movement that brings our attention to our breath. IContinue reading “Move Like Air: Part 1 The Movement of Breath”

Full Moon in Aries: Holding Space for Your Growth

Greetings beloveds, Whooo hooo it’s the full moon in Aries! A new full moon cycle has started and it’s time for us to birth new dreams, realities, and futures. Here’s a tib bit about Aries. Aries (March 21-April 19): The Ram Planet: Mars Direction: Cardinal Season: Spring Oh yes the sign that started it all. The spark ofContinue reading “Full Moon in Aries: Holding Space for Your Growth”

Entering the Underworld: Hello October

Greetings beloveds, It’s my birthday month! The best month of the year (I kid…kind of). I will be 30 this year and I am feeling excited but also driven to really connect to my purpose and path. I found that after my Saturn return in Jupiter ended it felt like a weight lifted from myContinue reading “Entering the Underworld: Hello October”