Living for Now

Blessings loves,

I don’t know if it’s the new moon, solar eclipse or the approaching spring equinox but this past weekend I made some pretty important decisions about the direction my life was taking. It just felt like it was time.

Have you ever found yourself looking at your life and wondering how you got to be where you are? That’s where I was this past weekend. A good job, education, and a wonderful group of friends and loved ones. Yet, I looked around and said is this what I truly want for myself? Is this where I really want to be? And the answer was surprisingly no. But not in every area. I reviewed the most energy consuming portions of my life and some of them did not make the cut. For one, I had postponed two trips abroad in order to be present for a required course in my doctoral degree. I really felt called to take these trips but obligations and responsibilities pointed to different directions. So I did what was expected of me and said next year I’ll take my trips.

But why? What was I waiting for? Another degree in an area that I was already employed in and only slightly interested in still pursuing? While I attended classes the places and experiences I wanted to have were happening all around me. This weekend though I made a different choice. I will put my program progression on hold for a year. Maybe two. I will travel and explore. Take the yoga, belly dance, and pole dance classes that I have wanted to attend but didn’t think I would have time to manage with the amount of homework I had in the evenings. I will commit to my my business of sharing healing models through sacred relationships with ourselves and each other. I commit to finishing my various projects that have been put aside over and over in order to complete assignments on a schedule that rarely matches my own rhythm.

I commit myself to me.




Ready to Shift?

Blessings loves!

There are some crazy important happenings coming this week. There’s the new moon and solar eclipse both on Tuesday (go here to find out when the moon will be fully new for your location). The new moon is the perfect time to set new intentions and spend some time figuring out what you would like to bring into your life. This could be reinforcing present circumstances in your life or completely setting a new path. We are nearing the end of our time in the underworld. Spring is nearly upon us for those in the northern hemisphere and it is almost time for us to plant the seeds of the plans that we cultivated over the winter. If you haven’t made your plans you don’t worry there is still time!

In fact this new moon/solar eclipse is the perfect time to prepare for the Spring Equinox. If all you have is even 5 minutes here’s a quick guide to prepare for the change in seasons.

  1. Take a couple of deep clearing breaths. I take about 10 full breaths (inhale/exhale for 5 seconds 10x’s)
  2. Divide a sheet of paper into 4 areas by drawing a line down the center of the page both horizontally and vertically.
  3. Title each quadrant with an area that you would like to set some intentions for. I like to use material/financial, spiritual, relationships, and health. Use whichever categories work best for you.
  4. Write out 1-3 intentions for each area. Remember that your intentions can be as general or specific as you like.
  5. When you’re ready to move from general intentions to specifics using SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely) principles makes it easier to achieve your goals. If you aren’t familiar with SMART goal setting there are tons of free resources available through a quick Google search.

Have fun intention setting!


When Your Heart Breaks

My heart has broken open.

In love.

It feels as if there is only so much room and each time I am corrected. Whenever I feel that being so open and caring and loving isn’t worth it. It’s too dangerous. Too painful. But heart felt life is my purpose. It is what I argue, we are all here to experience.

So with my heart cracked open. Bleeding love, I stand here feeling strong and weak. Vulnerable and fortified. Wise and foolish. Ready to take in as much as I can.

Thank you for this experience,

-Roseroses 1

The Importance of Self Care- When You’ve Just Had Enough

Blessings beloveds,

Sometimes you’re just tired. It’s been a long day where you woke up early. Had many duties and activities to attend to throughout the day. Then come home to more boxes that need checking off of your to-do list before jumping into your bed to count sheep. This is a valid experience. It happens way too often to way too many of us. That’s why self care is vital.

I know I know, not another blog spouting the importance of taking time for myself, meditation, or keeping a journal. Nope that’s not what this is honestly. Because guess what, sometimes even self care can turn into a chore. Yupp when you find yourself scheduling in that that massage in the small hour you have between picking up the kids or writing that book chapter, is it still bringing you joy or refilling your cup? When it becomes another point on your list to check it’s no longer falling into the “recharge” category. The importance of self care is that you are finding a moment to breath, however that looks for you.

So today, as I rest on the couch letting the antics of Louise Belcher of Bob’s Burger’s amuse me while I casually work on my business. I take that as self care. I won’t make it to my 2 mile run. Cause that’s SUPPOSED to be my quiet moment. Instead, I’ll do what will fuel my soul in this moment not what will just complete my list of daily tasks.

What’s your moment? Do you find that your self care tools sometimes become tasks?


The Importance of Remaining True to Yourself

Blessings beloveds,

Warning!! This post may get a bit real.

Alright now that that’s out the way, let’s talk about ways of relating. Specifically open relationships, polyamory, polygamy, polyandry, and monogamy. There’s a bit of a buzz going around about how we relate to one another and what that should look like. My opinion is honestly do what works for you and accept nothing less. Let’s break that down.

What works for you? Self awareness and exploration is so important. That takes time. Time where we sit with ourselves in whatever form of being brings us to that space where we feel that tingle near around our head and in our hearts. Self knowledge also takes dedication. Dedication to finding what fuels us as well as what drains us. Dedication to making a plan to focus on what fuels us. Dedication to putting that into practice and MAINTAINING that practice. When we know what works for us it allows us to begin to cultivate that relationship to ourselves where we can say what will align with our desires. This also allows us to speak on where we our to others. Communication will always be key. So if we are exploring, share that information. It can be difficult if you are not used to doing that, but then communication is an area that you can cultivate a practice for that honors your being.

When you go through this process of self development, it gives you the information that you can use as your foundation of how you want to relate to others. When you find who you are then you practice what fuels you, it is counterproductive to accept anything less. In fact, anything in opposition to what fuels you is most likely on it’s way to the landfill of the forgotten. When you get pings of behaviors or structures that you know do not serve you then you can begin to stand on that foundation and practice your divine no.

I for instance, have a firm understanding that I will always be fueled more by a divine partnership with a single being who’s energy I interact with in that space then with multiples. I have never worked well with larger groups even triads. I am super sensitive to energy. Which means I have to be selective. Even more so to make sure that who I choose to interact with energetically is just as selective. Now let me tell you, that took some time to learn! Even when I knew, it took time to develop the practice of energy selection. I’m still and will always be dedicating myself that development and maintenance of this practice.

I speak from experience. I come to share to say that it’s ok to not be there yet. To try different forms of loving and see what works for you. Learn the ways to communicate that work best for you and share where you are. There’s no shame in being who you are no matter where you are. There’s also no shame in changing your mind. I’ll say that one again, there is no shame in changing your mind! We change, we evolve, hopefully always improving. What may have worked may no longer work. You might have had only one partner for the last 10 years and after going through the process of self exploration find that that no longer serves you. Now, I will not tell you how these situations should be morally handled. I trust that your internal compass will direct you to the right path. Trust your higher self.


Sacred Sexuality: Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Blessings beloveds,

I am still processing the information I received from China Brooks. Today I want to touch on sacred sexuality. Sacred sexuality can mean many things to many different people depending on which culture you gain your knowledge from or how you incorporate the various strains of practice. In general, sacred sexuality is the cultivation of creative energy that is synonymous with sexual energy for manifestation and spiritual alignment. Again, that is not the full story/history/or practice but just to give you a basic idea of what I will be speaking on (remember google is your friend).

One area that China touched on was the use of different rituals to gain energy from others. These can be large scale performances, events, or interpersonal interactions such as 1:1 conversations.  When we are not centered in our energy, are aware of what connections we make, and know how to manage that energy we run the risk of being siphoned for our creative energy. You know where we are heading with this? Oh yes story time.

Remember my last post about the young man? If not flip back and check it out to get  a little info on that situation. Well it took a little time, because I was not aware of how my energy was being transmuted or to whom to realize that he was feeding off of my energy. That my creativity was fueling much of the insights and projects that he was constructing. I was finding myself slightly fueled as it was at first a mutually beneficial exchange. Eventually though there was a desire on my part to want to increase the magnitude of the energy that we created. This would require more time and increased commitment to the process. I did not know that that was what I desired. I saw how large this work could be but by still operating from a space that needed healing this came out as possessiveness. Of course this was not welcomed from the other side. Yet, there was still the continued desire  from this other person to draw from our union. Yes, the power there was that strong.

What followed was an intense healing experience. As I realized that my level of attachment (I will post about attachment later) was not what I desired and the energy I was putting into the partnership was not being equally matched, I began the process of pulling my energy back unto myself. I followed the shadow healing process described in Jane Meredith’s  Journey to the Dark Goddess: How to Return to Your Soul and it was life changing. I truly delved into the many areas that I needed healing in that were not going to be healed by filling them with light and love. Yes, sometimes that is exactly what we need is that spectrum of support which originates in light. And sometimes, we need that support that comes from the crevices of our soul. That which can only be dissolved and reborn within the womb of darkness.

What came forth from that union was not what I thought it would be. It was a truer more integrated Rose. One that was shy of the darkness or the light. Who relaxed in the shade and danced in the sun. It started a new cycle, where old habits would have no choice but to transform. I would say that although my behavior was not the best I am now so much more centered. More open to the divine being that I am. So I am thankful. I find appreciation in that experience.

So how does this tie into sacred sexuality? It’s that energy of creation! A rebirth of my being, the ultimate manifestation was achieved through that relationship. It was the shift that can be made when one takes on the decision to incorporate sacred sexuality into your life. Even if you have no idea what you are doing. Setting that intention will get the ball rolling and before you know it your world will reflect back to you the way to have what you desire here and now.

I know stand in the space where I ask: Rose, what is it you would like? What would make your heart smile and soul shine? So I ask you, what is it that you desire? Name it and claim it.





Divine Alignment

Blessings beloveds,

Today I caught a periscope from the Goddess China Mae Brooks, who you can check out here at to find out more about her powerful teachings and even get some coaching on her effective techniques. She went to see a minister in Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) to speak about sacred sexuality, tantra, and relationships. If you want to know what she found out follow her on periscope but know that that information is time sensitive so it’s only available for 24 hours.

I had such thoughts on the subject. That can be best expressed through a story time.

From when I can first remember, I have longed and felt the draw to align with a divine partner. This topic of early knowing of a desire for male/female connection isn’t really touched on in the groups and individuals that I am in contact with. It was not a sexual longing or desire it was a nurturing, loving, caring this is the person that you are uniquely connected with knowledge that I held. So from an early age before the age of 5, I have drawn in that caring nature from masculine energy.

There are many other stories to share about my adventures in this area but I want to focus on my latest encounter. This young man was someone who I admired deeply initially based on the surface information that I knew about him. There was an immediate attraction to his energy and the knowledge that he held. But there was also a clear knowing of what I desired from a partnership and what that would feel like and include. Some of which he did not hold. So initially I said hmm well I sense a connection but it must not be that relationship that I thought it was. So I left it alone. Over time though we continued to interact and eventually began to talk on a more that platonic level. I found it to be one of the most philosophical maturing conversations that I have had one on one continuously with a cis-male of color that was not steeped in concentrating on socially constructed identity. Well that’s how it seemed.

Over time though the truth of where this persons energy was emerged. Which is what will always happen. I believe in vibrating consciously. Seeking to hold the best feelings that one can so that we are constantly moving towards and cultivating bliss. What I saw was all these very challenging events happen in life that seemed to be a constant. It was strange to me because what was spoken externally was so out of alignment with the actual lived experience of this individual.

Now, do not think that I am saying that I do not have my own work to do. I attracted and engaged in this interaction with this individual so I had/have lessons to learn. But what this truly pointed out to me was the importance of personal alignment with self.

Our thoughts

Our words

Our actions

If one of these areas is out of alignment it will become evident in another. For instance if one’s thoughts are focused on poverty, stress, or lack but their words and actions are prosperity focused, they may find themselves asking why am I not receiving what I ask for? Why am I working so hard but not reaping the rewards? At some point there is a notch that is out of alignment.

I realized through my time with this individual that unless I followed the exercises to bring myself into alignment in these three areas then I too would not see the fulfillment of my desires. I see this play out for myself in my weight. It draws back to my internal thoughts of self worth and self care. As I bring myself into alignment where my thoughts and words match up my actions follow.

This isn’t news to anyone I’m sure. Yet, I know that we find ourselves desiring expansion. It is our way of being to want more. More love, experiences, friends, travel, material things, peace, or knowledge. Whether intrinsic or extrinsic, we are designed to seek expansion. Which means there is always space and ability to learn more. So here is my latest way of bringing myself into personal alignment.

Sacred baths (contact me to learn more)


Morning yoga flow

Incense centered morning energy cleanse (posts on this coming soon).

How do you find alignment? I would love to share and discuss.






New Spot New Blog

Hello everyone!

I am moving up and changing spaces. When you are ready to do big things you take the steps to be able to achieve success. So here I will feature my thoughts, adventures, and knowledge on all things health related. More importantly, I’ll be speaking on activities and paradigms related to self care and nurturing.

One thing that I can say with conviction is that the number one thing we can do for ourselves is make sure that our cup is not only full but overflowing. That overflow is what we give to others. It’s the love, time, and attention that we express when looking after that which is external to ourselves. This allows for us to care for others while still having energy to care for ourselves. This is only possible by making sure that we are putting ourselves as the top priority in our life.

Here are my favorite ways to practice self care

  1. Taking a long hot bath
  2. Meditation
  3. Reading
  4. Spending time in nature
  5. walking

I’ll cover these in more detail later. How do you perform self care?